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Gas Detection and Water Analysis Monitors.

Wide variety of FRP industrial products.

Measurement & Control Products for Long-term Monitoring.

Products and services for the Stormwater and CSO markets.

Sonar interface detection instruments.

Resilient and Metal Seated AWWA Gate Valves.

Online and Portable Monitors for Suspended Solids and DO.

High Performance Butterfly, Control and Plug Valves.

Pressure Transmitters and Tranducers.

Cast Iron Epoxy Coated Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves.

Peristaltic Hose Pumps.

Conveyors, Trash Rakes and Screening Equipment

Online Monitors and Analyzers of BOD,TOC, COD.

Fabricated gate design.

Portable speed measurement products.

Pinch Valves-Automated or Manual, Knife Gates and Expansion Joints.

Alarm Autodialing, Monitoring, Reporting and Control System.

Custom Engineered Pumping Solutions.

Pressure Guages, Thermometer and Self Op Temperature Regulators.

Patented TMS(Total Mixing System) and Duckbill Rubber Check Valves.

Air Release, Check, Plug and AWWA Butterfly Valves.

Innovative Coatings & Material. Biologicals for Water & Waste and Coatings.